We are committed to finding the best solution for each customer and tailoring the solution. The products that we can provide include: quick shutter doors, industrial sliding doors, cold shutters, hangar gates, loading and unloading platforms, door seals, etc., which fully meet the requirements of various industrial environments.

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Application solution

High-speed clean door advantages:
Simple design - fewer moving parts, less side and top mounting space, can be used in a clean environment;
Safety - light eyes, top reversal sensor;
Performance - low energy motor, variable frequency drive system;
Maintenance - The curtain can be automatically reset after being hit, reducing downtime.
It meets the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry in terms of safety, quality, energy saving, and efficiency, and meets the customer's cleanliness requirements: Class 100000–10000 clean area (Class 100000: The total number of suspended particles with a diameter greater than or equal to 0.5 μm per cubic foot is not More than 100000).
Cold storage doors are particularly durable and allow fast and efficient access. The high operating speed coupled with excellent sealing results in excellent temperature control and energy savings. Advanced cellular insulation prevents frost build-up.
The door of the cold storage door does not need to use reinforcements, and it is equipped with self-molding elastic curtains to ensure the safety of people and equipment. The motor is driven by a frequency converter, making the cold door particularly reliable. With soft start and soft stop, the life of the motor can be significantly increased.
Victory Door Industry has done rapid gates for dozens of garbage disposal station projects across the country. The use of the rapid gate of Shengmengye Industry not only beautifies the environment, but also eliminates secondary pollution, reduces the breeding of mosquitoes and flies, protects our health, and prevents bacteria. Spreading, but also garbage station work to improve efficiency.
Protecting the environment for the benefit of future generations
We have a comprehensive solution and we can perfectly meet your specific needs. Innovative, high-quality products and professional advice can help you to speed up the loading and unloading efficiency and accuracy. In addition, we can also improve the safety, comfort and sustainability of your business operations and work environment - while protecting your goods.
From on-site construction to site management, from installation to maintenance to upgrade services, we ensure that your business remains operational. Welcome to consult the relevant products of the industry, we can provide solutions for your business site.
The flexible hangar doors are suitable for areas such as mining, aviation, shipbuilding, maintenance workshops, and exhibition area isolation. The use of large area, strong wind resistance, good insulation properties, strong sealing. It is stable, reliable, easy to operate and easy to maintain.
All of our products are tightly sealed and have a good thermal insulation effect, providing you with excellent durability and significant energy-saving features. They not only resist strong winds, but also resist the erosion of rain and seawater. Our hangar doors are available in translucent materials that allow your building to get the best daylight.