We are committed to finding the best solution for each customer and tailoring the solution. The products that we can provide include: quick shutter doors, industrial sliding doors, cold shutters, hangar gates, loading and unloading platforms, door seals, etc., which fully meet the requirements of various industrial environments.

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Service Agreement:

Each company has its own challenges and needs.
Our experience and knowledge can help you to optimize your entrance according to your needs.
Automatic doors connect people, goods, vehicles and destinations quickly and efficiently.
Our products can increase the flow of traffic to and from you, bring convenience, and provide automatic door and access solutions for your building's exterior and interior access.

Maintenance service:

The maintenance agreement helps you to ensure reliable, safe and sustainable operation of the access during use.
We have a professional team, maintenance engineers will meet your maintenance needs at any time. They have the maintenance knowledge and skills of the entrance solution to ensure that your door is working properly.

We apply our expertise and experience to the security, protection, and productivity of our professional platform to serve you.
Whether it is a newly installed industrial door or an old one, we can design solutions for you. Our technical engineers can provide you with advice from the consultation process and can provide technical data to speed up your work.

Product upgrade service:

The product upgrade kit not only modernizes your traffic but also expands the performance of your traffic. Automatic access is a long-term investment. With the passage of time and the development of the business, the technology of the port is also developing. To address changing needs, we provide product upgrade kits to modernize your equipment.
Upgrading your traffic can promote a more sustainable construction, reduce maintenance and energy costs while improving convenience, reliability, security, efficiency and appearance. This is a cost-effective way to ensure that access meets current and future needs.