We are committed to finding the best solution for each customer and tailoring the solution. The products that we can provide include: quick shutter doors, industrial sliding doors, cold shutters, hangar gates, loading and unloading platforms, door seals, etc., which fully meet the requirements of various industrial environments.

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Unity, innovation, pragmatism, refinement
Huidap Spirit is an excellent culture formed by Huidup in its development process. It is Huidapu’s valuable spiritual wealth.
Unity is the source of Whitap's power:
Innovation is the basis for the development of Huydap;
Truth-seeking is the yardstick for Whitapu operation.
Refinement is the development of Huidap.
Under the conditions of a market economy, the Hui Dapu spirit has always been a spiritual force that motivates the victors to resist difficulties, dare to take the lead, and advance with courage, and has always been a powerful spiritual driving force for the development of Hui Dapu.
Huida Pufa Values:
Brands create benefits, reputations are higher than honors, and brands are intangible assets with unlimited value. Hui Dapu puts the brand image first and requires the company to love and protect the triumph brand as its love for the eyes. It also promotes the development of Hui Dapu by pursuing the brand-name effect and continuously increasing the value of the Whitapu brand. At the same time, Whitap respects the value of the individual and encourages each individual to give full play to his own ingenuity and wisdom, and obtains corresponding remuneration for his own knowledge, wisdom, and labor; but Huidup emphasizes the strength of the spirit and advocates that personal values ​​be incorporated into it. , In the realization of Hudap's value in the personal value.
Huidap Development View:
Always work hard, everything is ahead of one another; challenge the future, create unlimited...
Huidap talent concept:
Respect talents, develop talents, select talents, and do their best. Talent is the core resource of victory. Loyalty, creativity, performance value, and initiative are the four criteria for successfully measuring talent.
Hui Dapu marketing concept:
Users to the service first. Victory adheres to the principle of the supremacy of the user, starting from the user, for the sake of users, with the best service efforts to create more value for the user. Only in this way can victory continue to increase market share and profits.
Hui Dapu technology concept:
Technological innovation guides demand. The victory will always stand at the commanding heights of market competition, pursue technological advancement, develop new products that adapt to such changes in accordance with changes in user needs, and guide demand through technological innovation.
Hui Dapu quality concept:
Continuously and stably produce products that users are satisfied with. Victory regards quality as life. Adhere to the continuous and stable production of customer satisfaction products as the core, customer satisfaction as the highest quality standard for victory.
Huidap Manufacturing View:
Excellence, excellence and efficiency. Victory pursues management innovation and promotes development through optimized management. Persist in the production process, implementation of punctuality, zero waste, zero defect management, through lean management, to achieve the goal of high quality and efficiency.