We are committed to finding the best solution for each customer and tailoring the solution. The products that we can provide include: quick shutter doors, industrial sliding doors, cold shutters, hangar gates, loading and unloading platforms, door seals, etc., which fully meet the requirements of various industrial environments.

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One of the important things you need to know is: Hudap offers you a comprehensive service chain. From the initial consultation to planning, processing and installation, to the final acceptance and maintenance are included.
     To ensure that your portal is 100% functional, regular services are almost indispensable. Doors for industry and commerce should always be inspected to see if their economic and industrial functions remain intact. Whether your mechanical transmission door is Huedap or it is produced by other manufacturers - we all serve you.
Rong Sheng-Sian installs, tests and maintains for you:
High-speed doors, industrial and commercial doors, folding doors, rolling doors and spiral doors, and even special doors for dust-free or freezer rooms.
With a comprehensive service network and best-trained service technicians, EFAFLEX offers its customers a wide range of portals with a full range of high-quality services at close range.